How to Connect 2 Soundbars Together? [3 Easy Steps]

If you’re a crazy sound junkie, you’ll love to hear music from your sound systems without interruption. For that, one soundbar might be efficient, but if you love to explore and want to improve the sound intensity while watching TV, then connecting two soundbars might be a good option.

So, the next question you might have in your mind is, how to connect 2 soundbars together?

Connecting two soundbars together is as simple as plugging one end of the cable into the output connector of the first soundbar and the other end into the input jack of the second soundbar. Then, power on the systems and make any necessary adjustments.

Having said that, if that’s your concern, then you’re at the right place. However, scroll down to know more about the connections between the two soundbars.

How to Connect 2 Soundbars Together: Detailed Steps

Here are some steps that you can follow to connect two sound systems. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Find the Jack of Both Soundbars

To join two soundbars together, the first thing you have to do is find the output jack of the first soundbar. For that, check the backside of the sound system, but still, if you can’t find the jack, check the manufacturer label.

After that, find the input jack of the second sound system. You can find the jack in the label as “input.”

The next thing you have to do is join the jack with an audio cable. Firstly, plug cable’s one side into the first sound system’s jack and then plug the other side of the cable into the jack of the second sound system.

Step 2: Turn on the Sound Systems

Now that the audio wires have been reattached switch on the sound systems. Connect the first soundbar to the second one and use it as an amplifier.

However, the process of fine-tuning the sound systems differs depending on the model. Auxiliary, Audio Input, or Line-In may need to be configured on the second soundbar at some point. You’ll be able to get the two soundbars in the proper positions this way.

A second benefit is that sound from the first system will be transmitted via the second system.

Step 3: Adjust the Settings

The last step is to moderately alter the EQ and volume settings of the sound systems to get the best audio quality. If you set the EQ and loudness too high for one soundbar, the other sound system may produce poor audio quality.

As a result, the two soundbars’ ability to produce high-quality audio can only be ensured via proper setup.

For the connection, here’re some extra recommendations to consider. You may have problems with pairing. The optical speaker will make it easier to connect two devices.

Even if you join them, it is conceivable that the audio quality may not improve. The placement of the second device may also have an effect.

A 3dB boost in loudness is possible with the addition of a second device that is properly positioned. The soundbar’s price should be taken into account while determining your budget.


What Are The Purposes of Connecting Two Soundbars?

You might think, what will you get by connecting two soundbars? Well, it’ll provide you with various advantages, and some of them are:

  1. When it comes to sound systems, the ideal system is one in which all frequencies react evenly and simultaneously. It will improve the smoothness and clarity of the frequencies.
  2. The technology of LED television speakers has its restrictions. In comparison to the cinema, its loudness has a more deep bass response without compromising the balance of low, mid, and high-frequency frequencies.
  3. These connections have the potential to provide you with more power than standard speakers. If you are purchasing lower-priced electronic devices, proceed with caution. The less expensive goods take an enormous quantity of electricity. They use a large amount of electricity and depend on a large amount of power.
  4. Most soundbars are fitted with a Bluetooth connection, which is convenient. This solution will give you a plethora of advantages. You may listen to your favorite MP3 music from your Android device, tablet, or any device that has a Bluetooth connection, such as a smartphone.
  5. Soundbars contain fewer cords than any other kind of sound system when compared to a normal home theater setup. In certain models, practically all of the speakers are compliant with HDMI standards, which makes them quite simple to set up.

Disadvantages of Connecting Two Soundbars

As mentioned connecting two soundbars have various advantages. But there’re two major issues that’ll come along with this setting as well.


The first problem is the placement issue. What’s that?

Well, sound systems are generally wider than their height, so they take a huge vertical place to set up. So if your living space isn’t wide enough, it’ll look bad.

However, wall mounting can be another alternative, but here comes the same issue again, meaning your wall has to be wide so that if you place two soundbars, it won’t look cluttered.

Sound Quality

Now, the second disadvantage might be the sound quality. Nevertheless, we’ve already said that connecting two soundbars will enhance the sound quality, but what if one of your soundbars produces good sound quality while the other doesn’t? So eventually, it’ll drop the sound quality.

But you can avoid this issue. How?

When you purchase a soundbar, make sure you buy from the best brand to you don’t have to compromise with the sound quality.


So far, you got to know everything regarding how do I connect two soundbars together. However, you may assume that purchasing two soundbars is a waste of money. But when you consider how much better your home theater will sound due to your purchase, it’s well worth the money.

Other features include Alexa connectivity and music integration with soundbars. In addition to enhancing the sound quality of your television, you may use it for a variety of other purposes. Soundbars allow you to enjoy a movie theater-like experience in the privacy of your own home.

In addition, a single soundbar can improve the sound on your TV. However, you’ll enjoy a greater listening experience if you link two soundbars together.

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