How To Hang A Soundbar On The Wall Without Screws?

Want to hang a soundbar on the wall but are scared of the homeowner?

Well, don’t worry anymore as we’re here with the perfect solution for you. You can now easily hang a soundbar on any wall by following three simple ways. Moreover, if you want to avoid drilling holes into the wall to hang the soundbar, then these methods are best for you.

But how to hang a soundbar on the wall without screws? Keep reading to figure out the secret.

How to Hang a Soundbar on The Wall Without Screws: The 3 Solid Ways

No need to worry about the wall and its surface, as we’ll provide you with some solid ways to hang the soundbar on the wall. These methods are well-proven, and people follow them to keep their life easier than ever. Those are:

1. Command Hook

Command Small Wire Toggle Hooks

Known as the best solution for people who stay in a rented home, the Command hook is a specialized device that holds soundbars or lightweight items.

The best part of it is you can hang medium to light and fragile weight items. Moreover, it is not too hard to attach, and you don’t have to drill either. 

You can easily hang a TV without worrying that it’s lightweight. The hook has a well-balanced design that makes it durable despite being small.

Moreover, the entire hook frame is made of steel, and the bottom part is made of plastic. The surface that sticks to the wall has high-quality glue that holds the mount or hook to the wall. It can easily withstand weights like 6lbs to 11lbs without any struggle at all. 

The best part of this type of mount is that you can easily attach and dismount the hook. So, no worry about your homeowner and ruining the wall while listening to your favorite music.

However, do remember one thing: it can only hold lightweight items properly. This small device uses glue to stick to the wall, and it can never withstand any heavy item beyond its limit.

The suggestion would be to hang the speakers that weigh no more than 5 lbs.

2. Alien Tapes

Alien Tapes

The Alien Tape is not from the outer world but has the strength of aliens. 

Well! Yes, it’s just a simple tape that has two sides of glue. It’s both-sided tape and has solid material with powerful glue that can hold any medium to lightweight item. You can easily hang a soundbar and don’t have to sweat about it, and it can be medium-weight speakers or soundbars on a wall.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the owners as it’ll leave no holes. But the paint may pull out alongside the tape when you take it off. However, that’s a different story, and as long as you don’t put any type of holes in the wall, the owner will be happy.

There’s a certain reason why people call it alien tapes. It has such strength that no normal tapes can handle and the material that is used for creating it’s extraordinary.

Hang anything lightweight but remember that it needs a smooth surface to connect. It’s because the glue will work best if the entire surface has it covered.

Before attaching any kind of device, our suggestion would be to see the proper area to attach and go forward.

3. Picture Hook

Professional Picture Hangers

A picture hook is the most traditional thing to use to hang something on the wall. For centuries, people have used this method, and it has proved to be one of the best. It has a certain and specific design with a specific material that allows it to be this much stronger. 

A picture hook can easily hold a photo that weighs 10 to 100 lbs, and it’s pretty easy to hang anything. But do keep in mind that it requires two holes, and the best thing is both of them are small.

All you need to do is use a hammer and punch those two on the wall, but keep the mount in the middle. The mount has a special design that has two separate holes, where you insert the screws. 

Moreover, there are times when you’ll be able to hang a heavy soundbar and speakers on the wall. 



  • Is the picture hook safe for hanging the soundbar on the wall?

Yes, it’s a pretty safe method to hang a soundbar on the wall. You can easily use a picture hook and modify it for your soundbar. Moreover, wall-mount soundbars have the same category of mounts. 

  • Will there be any chance of the soundbar falling from the wall if I use alien tape?

It depends on what type of speaker you use because alien tapes need smooth surfaces to connect. If the soundbar sticks properly, there’s a very low chance of the speaker falling from the wall.


Well, now, you know How to mount a soundbar on the wall. You can easily follow these steps, and these all are very easy to find at your local shops.

Good luck.

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