How To Reset Bose Soundbar 300? [5 Easy Steps & Guide]

Undoubtedly, Bose makes super-efficient sound systems. Their Soundbar models are engineered with great technology. If you face any problems while operating the sound system, you’ll be able to troubleshoot it.

But in some cases, applying troubleshooting methods doesn’t work, even if you apply all of them. Then you’ve no other option left than to reset the whole sound system.

As the remote doesn’t have any reset option for the soundbar, the question arises, how to reset Bose Soundbar 300? Here’s a step-by-step guide for it.

4 Common Steps In Resetting All Bose Soundbars

Although the procedure of resetting different Bose Soundbar models is different, the first steps are common. Learn the common steps to reset Bose Soundbars.

Step 1: Firstly you’ve to remove the Bose Soundbar from the Bose Music app on your phone or computer.

Step 2: Enter into your Bose Music App. Go to settings located in the top right corner of the app.

Step 3: Tap on “Manage Speakers” and then tap on the “Edit” option in the settings.

Step 4: Then select your connected or paired Bose Soundbar model and tap on the “Delete” option to remove it.

Once you’ve removed your soundbar from the app, you’re ready to reset it. The above steps are applicable in resetting any of your Bose Soundbar models.

Now, let’s move on to the actual resetting process.

How To Reset Bose Soundbar 300

Bose soundbar 300

Follow the below steps to reset your Bose Soundbar 300:

Step 1: Detach your soundbar from your TV set. Plug out all the cables and keep the soundbar separate.

Step 2: Now, turn on the soundbar. Bring the remote.

Step 3: Press the “Volume Down” and “Play/Pause” buttons on the remote for 5 seconds. The resetting will begin when you see white light flashing in the soundbar’s light bar.

Step 4: You’ve to wait and give it some time to complete resetting. When the reset is done, the light bar will glow solid amber.

Step 5: After resetting, add your Bose Soundbar model to your Bose Music App. Then set up the soundbar as your device’s music connection as you’ve done before.

If you have this brand’s other models (500/700) of sound systems and are facing problems, you can also solve them by resetting.

Try to troubleshoot with different methods first. If they don’t work, reset Bose Soundbar 500. The same is suggested to reset Bose 700 Soundbar too.



  • Why is my Bose Soundbar 300 not working?

As the sound system is an electronic product, any technical glitch can occur. Sometimes it is just the settings or loose connection that is why your brand new Bose Soundbar 300 isn’t working.

Firstly, you’ve to check if all the connections are made right to solve the issue. If everything is fine and the sound system is still not working, you can try resetting it.

  • How do I get my Bose soundbar to work?

Connect the HDMI (using ARC) optical and all other plugins of the soundbar with your TV. From the TV set, select your soundbar as the audio output. You also need to enable arc settings from your TV.

You can do that if you want to connect the soundbar with your TV via Bluetooth.


We hope that this step-by-step guide on how to reset Bose Soundbar has helped you. If the problem isn’t solved after resetting and applying the above steps, look for professional help.

Don’t try to DIY anything with your expensive investment. Because it may damage your soundbar, it’ll cost you more to repair it. Go to the professionals who understand how to fix it.

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