How To Connect iLive Soundbar To TV [All Soliutions]

Are you excited about the new iLive soundbar you ordered? You must be thinking of connecting the soundbar to the TV.  

But do you know how to connect ilive soundbar to TV? If No, don’t sweat. You’ve reached the right place. This guide will explain the steps you should follow to connect the ilive soundbar to the TV.

Before explaining the major steps, let’s tell you a fact. 

The soundbar won’t give its 100% if the connection isn’t stable, secure, and up to the mark. So, focusing on the connection you’re using is vital to check on. 

How To Connect iLive Soundbar to TV

We’ve narrowed down all the steps in detail. Skip any section at your own risk.

Choose Cable Wisely

As we’ve mentioned before, finding the right cable is the key to getting the best output from iLive soundbar.  You must check the pricing, quality, and sustainability before buying. 

hdmi port

We suggest you go with an HDMI cable connection. Why are we recommending this cable?

Because HDMI cable connection ensures –

  • Cinematic sound like theater
  • Heavy bass with a subwoofer
  • Processes 4K, 8K including Blu-Ray contents
  • The installation process is user-friendly 

So, as a user, you might have a question – is HDMI the only choice I am offered? 

No. Have a closer look at digital optical cable as one of the choices if not HDMI. What you won’t enjoy is the HD quality alongside ultra-high-quality content. 

The digital cable will do the job but you’ll have to sacrifice the quality you’d receive from the HDMI cable.

The last choice we can talk about is the analog red and white cables. Some of the DVD players don’t have an HDMI port. And for those, you’ve to purchase red and white cables. 

Moreover, the professionals always support HDMI cables for their excellent services and quality. 

Audio & Video Cable Connection

Audio & Video Cable

If you’re an HDMI user, the installation process and connectivity procedures won’t be a big deal for you. The cable system must have two ports – out and in. 

Connect the port out with the iLive soundbar and locate the in port back of the TV. The corresponding ports must be located accordingly. 

Also, the plug-in connection system is the same as we mentioned for HDMI. Place the ports properly with the ports of the soundbar and TV. 

Don’t forget to connect the ending ports of your cable. Otherwise, your hard work won’t pay off. 

Those who are using red and white cables, attach identical colored ports of corresponding cables. 

You’ll find three colors-

  • Red – Audio
  • White- Audio 
  • Yellow – Video

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Connect Wireless Satellite Speaker to iLive soundbar 

The iLive soundbar needs to be connected with satellite speakers. Sometimes, the satellite speakers might not get the connection properly. 

Nothing to worry about. Connect the speakers with the iLive soundbar. When the connection is secure, you’ll see the subtle glow of a solid green LED light. Before that, the light will keep blinking. 

Why do we need to pair the soundbar with wireless satellite speakers?

It is a vital step to perform. Otherwise, the users won’t enjoy the wide range of surround sound effects. 

Bluetooth Connection 

Pairing the Bluetooth connection with the soundbar is easy. Simply follow the steps –

  • Turn on the soundbar.
  • Find out the ‘BT’ button on the remote. 
  • Press’ Pair’ located on your soundbar with a Bluetooth connection.
  • When the LED indicator light starts flashing, you’ll know the searching mood is on. 
  • Connect the soundboard with any device like a tab, laptop or phone. 
  • Hear the tone which confirms the electronic devices are connected. 
  • Lastly, the LED light will indicate a successful connection with a solid light glow.

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External Subwoofer Connection

If you’re new to the word ‘subwoofer’, let us tell you what it is. A subwoofer is different than a speaker because it works and delivers lower frequencies, and compared to that, a speaker delivers higher frequencies.

A subwoofer can have wire or be wireless, too, and you have to connect the subwoofer with satellite speakers for the wireless subwoofer.

If the sub is wired-

  • Connect the sub with the RCA cable.
  • Locate the wire with the same color port, one end for the ‘out’ port and another for the ‘in’ port.
  • For the firestick settings, check how to connect the firestick to bose soundbar.
  • Locate the wire with the same color port, one end to the ‘out’ port and another for the ‘in’ port.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to troubleshoot the iLive soundbar?

Troubleshooting is a common problem among electronic devices. Let’s know how to solve this problem –

No sound: Check if the sound system is set to a minimum or you’ve muted it unknowingly

No power: First, you should check the power plug whether it’s attached to the socket or not. Then, check the power cord if it’s tangled somewhere and not supplying the power.

Function Disrupted: Switch off the music and the devices. Then, keep them to rest for a minute or two. Then, restart all the devices.

  • How to connect the Bluetooth soundbar to Samsung TV?

It’s easy to connect the Bluetooth soundbar to a Samsung TV and you’ve to provide the power supply and the ports appropriately.

The colored ports are red, yellow, and white, and you’ve to connect the cables to the same colored ports. Here, red and white are for audio and yellow for video function.

  • How do I program my iLive remote?

To program your iLive remote, you’ve to follow the simple steps –

  • Switch on the soundbar.
  • From the ‘menu’ option, you’ve to select ‘settings’.
  • Then, you’ll find ‘Program remote’ and select ‘sound’. Following this step, you can connect any available devices.


An iLive soundbar produces fantastic sound and will entertain you to the fullest. We hope you’ve received ample information on how to connect iLive soundbar to TV.

Follow the steps and remember to use an excellent cable.

If you’ve any further questions or confusion, ask in the comment section. Our experts will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Ciao!

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