How to Reset Bose 700 Soundbar? [5 Easy Steps to Reset]

It’s often a common problem to come across your soundbar producing glitchy or abstract sounds. At moments like this, a simple reset can solve the problem. However, it can get tricky to finish the process without knowing how to reset Bose 700 soundbar.

Hence why, in this article, we’ll walk you through the guidelines to reset a bose 700 soundbar. To know more, read on.

How to Reset Bose 700 Soundbar?

To help you reset your soundbar, you can follow five simple steps. These are as follows-

Bose 700 Soundbar

Step 1: Remove the Bose Soundbar 700 from your Bose Music library.

  • Download the Bose Music app and enter.
  • Look for the option ‘My account’ on the Bose Music app. You’ll find it in the upper section on the right side.
  • Next, look for the two options ‘Manage Products’ and ‘Edit’
  • Select the ‘Manage products’
  • Now, tap on the option ‘edit’ and click on the Bose soundbar 700. After doing so, you can see a little circle right beside the name.
  • Lastly, knock on the left-hand circle until it turns red. Then, by selecting the delete option, confirm it.  

Step 2: Press and Hold the Power

After deleting your bose soundbar 700 from your music account, you need to start the reset process. Now, press and hold the two buttons for at least 5 seconds.

Step 3: Skip the Forward Button

  • There’s a forward button that you have to skip.
  • Keep skipping it for 5 seconds at least.
  • Wait till the process is completed.

Step 4: Reboot Your Device

  • After completing the previous process, you’ll have to reboot your device.
  • After a while, you’ll see that the soundbar is rebooting itself.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Step 5: Check if the Amber Glow Signal is on.

  • Once the soundbar is rebooted, check if the amber glow is on the display.
  • If the light comes on, all you have to do is select the Bose soundbar 700.
  • you know that the reboot is complete.

How to Reset Bose 700 Soundbar WiFi?

At times the Bose soundbar 700 isn’t possible to reset when it’s not connected to the WiFi. Without the internet connection, you can use some bose soundbars, but you’ll lose some features in this way.

So, it’s a better idea to connect the speaker to WiFi and reset it. In this way, you can enjoy all the features without thinking twice. However, if the soundbar isn’t working as it should while connecting to the WiFi, you may need to think about resetting it to get it working again.

In this case, you need to reset the WiFi.

  • First, disconnect the WiFi from the power for a whole one minute.
  • Then connect it to the power and allow to reboot it completely. Hopefully, your soundbar will work now smoothly.
  • Allow enough time for the WiFi to re-establish itself, and check if it has been reset on your soundbar.

Doing so will help if you give the WiFi enough time to reboot entirely before going on to additional techniques of troubleshooting. It could take a few minutes. You may think that your WiFi may not be working on the bose soundbar at that waiting time. All you have to do now is wait for the WiFi to reconnect. And you’ll be all set.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I connect my Bose soundbar 700 Bluetooth?

First, connect the soundbar to a power outlet through the power wire. After that, open the bose music app from your phone, then select speakers and soundbars and connect it to your soundbar.

  • Why is my Bose soundbar not working?

Mostly the Bose soundbar can go off when it has a poor connection. At times, being in a position far away from your speaker can also cause this problem. But, even after closing in the space or fixing the connection, if your soundbar doesn’t work, it’s likely your speaker has some technical defaults.

  • What can I do to connect to my Bose soundbar 700?

Often, we don’t get the connection, so we have to take care of these things.

  • Ensuring that you’re using the bose music app.
  • Your soundbar should be reset.
  • Turn on the WiFi of your device.
  • Restart your Bose soundbar 700. 
  • Going to the bose music app, sign out first, then sign back in again.
  • Reopen it once you complete it.
  • How do I use my Bose soundbar 700 without WiFi?

Sometimes you might not have a WiFi connection. You can use an Ethernet wire to connect the soundbar to the router at times like this. Connecting to an ethernet cable will allow the Bose soundbar to find a portal. As a result, it’ll get connected and you can easily use your soundbar at the time.

  • Why did my Bose speaker stop suddenly?

It can stop working for various reasons. When the battery is exhausted, it won’t work. It’ll require to be charged for some time to start working again. How long it’ll take depends on what type of charger is being used. Hence, make sure you always keep it charged before you use it thoroughly.


A bose soundbar can allow you to enjoy all the loud music and even movies or TV shows with a better sound system. Going off suddenly or being unable to connect can get on to the nerves. At times like this, resetting can quickly remove you from this dilemma.

That’s exactly why we’ve mentioned all the ways how to reset Bose 500 soundbar. So that next time when you face similar issues, you won’t be irritated and can instantly fix your soundbar.

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