How to Hang a TV on a Brick Wall without Drilling? (5 Tips)

A TV is usually mounted on a wall as part of modern housing decoration. No matter the type of wall, a TV is always mounted in most houses nowadays and is seen as an elegant setup in the room.

Another popular setup includes mounting a TV onto a brick wall. It looks good, but risks follow everywhere. Hanging a TV on a wall requires drilling mostly.

But, there’s a risk if you want to drill a hole in your brick wall. It gives the brick wall a worn-out expression because it does wear out due to the heavy drilling. And that is where the worry comes regarding mounting a TV on a brick wall.

Hence, it is high time to see how to hang a TV on a brick wall without drilling. In this way, you can also hang a soundbar on the wall easily.

How to Hang a TV on a Brick Wall without Drilling

Now that we’re here, let’s quickly go through the ways to hang a TV on Brick Wall without drilling or using any powerful machine that might damage the wall.

1. Hybrid TV Stands

Hybrid TV Stands

The safest way to approach hanging the TV is using a hybrid Tv stand. There’s a TV wall mount that comes with a hybrid stand available.

This stand doesn’t help you install the TV on the wall, but its design is set such that others will think that you installed the TV on a wall. It’s safe to put the TV in there, and one can put other showpieces or decoration items to enhance the room’s look.

Plus, it’s affordable to buy with the quality being ensured. To equal it all, it gives your room an aesthetic vibe.

Moreover, as you can also connect the soundbar here, you can also use a firestick. It’ll be easier for you then to connect firestick to bose soundbar as well.

2. Strong Adhesive

Tv Secure Adhesive Mounting Kit

If the hybrid TV stand doesn’t get to your liking and you want to hang your TV on the wall for real, you opt for strong adhesives. Among the easier ways to hang the TV on the wall, this adhesive kit is made for the brick wall.

These kits have the tape and glue versions as well. Here’s the process of how to mount your TV on the brick wall with this adhesive:

  1. For the surface preparation, ensure to measure the TV and the estimated spots in the wall for mounting the TV. Ensure the spots you have marked are proper and as straight as possible.
  2. Wipe the area or clean it properly with no speck of dust or dirt.
  3. After the area cleaned has been dried, apply the adhesive material carefully and stick your TV onto the wall as tightly as possible.
  4. While applying, ensure to follow the instructions and guidelines provided with the adhesive products.

Generally, they’re the easy option but are also the riskiest option to mount the TV on the brick wall simultaneously. Sometimes, there’s no specific warranty, plus when you take the TV off of the wall, the wall will have to be repainted.

3. Brick Clamp

This can be an easy solution for your brick problem because these clamps can get attached nicely to the wall without harming the wall.

Let’s look through the process of hanging:

  1. Measure the depth of the TV mortar and purchase suitable clips.
  2. Usually, the clamp can take 13kg of the TV’s weight, but you’ll need to purchase more clamps for the TV to be weightier. And stick it on the wall for mounting the TV.

The clamp’s sharp edge will be able to hold the TV properly. For that, you need to research the specific brands that will be suitable for the TV. Just ensure the brick in your wall, and the clamps are in a good position.

4. Hardwall Hangers

Hardwall Hangers

If your brick wall isn’t in a good position and other options won’t work, you can opt for these strong hangers. These hard plastic walls require some tappings with hammers to stick them in the wall and can also get risky.

If you don’t care about harming your brick or don’t have any complaints about having a hole on the wall or two, then this is the best solution.

Not only will it keep your TV mounted on the brick properly, but the hole that will be visible due to tapping won’t be noticeable.

5. Rails

These railings are quite flexible and will secure the TV on the wall very well. They have different shapes. Hence you can pick the railings to your liking.

But first, you must ensure the railing is properly placed on the wall. After the rails are secured, you have nothing to worry about your TV.

You might add extra adhesive for caution, but that won’t be necessary.


  • Do the Hybrid TV Stands come with available screws?

A hybrid TV comes with everything required to hang it securely on the wall, including good-quality screws.

  • Can you mount a TV on the wall without using any studs?

A toggle bolt and anchor are the best alternatives to hanging the TV on the wall without studs.

  • How to hang an LED TV on brick walls without using power drills?

Use the same method as used on other TV for securing.

  • How to hide the cords of the TV on a brick wall?

Use a self-adhesive wall cable concealer to hide the cables on the brick wall properly.


Overall, this is the full answer to how to hang a TV on a brick wall without drilling. If you’re willing to add some aesthetics to your room, this risk is acceptable.

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