How to Connect Insignia Soundbar to Roku TV? [3 Ways]

Bringing a new sound system like the Insignia soundbar to your place must be exciting. But connecting them appropriately might not be feasible for everybody.

Don’t go wild if you’re one of them. We’re here to help.

So, how to connect Insignia Soundbar to Roku Tv is the question for many. To connect the Insignia soundbar, you need to use a 3.5mm audio cable connection.

We’ve broken down the details on connecting the Insignia soundbar to Roku TV in this guide. You’ll find all the necessary information here.

Let’s begin.

How to Connect Insignia Soundbar to Roku TV

The newly bought Insignia Soundbar should be connected to your Roku TV if you follow these steps mentioned below –

  • Connect the Insignia soundbar to the Roku TV
  • Power supply ‘On’ to both devices
  • Search for ‘Control other devices’
  • Choose the device and connect
  • Turn on the ‘Enable’ option on both devices
  • Go back to the Homepage and check if the soundbar is working or not

How To Connect Roku Tv to A Soundbar

A Roku TV can be connected in several ways, but 3 basic ways to connect a Roku TV to a soundbar are-

1. Bluetooth Receiver

If you’re a person who loves using wireless devices but purchased Roku Tv, we’ve something to inform you. Mainly, Roku TV doesn’t support the Bluetooth option.

However, the Roku TV supports HDMI cable. And some of you might be fond of not showing up the cable.

For you, the Bluetooth receiver will do the job. To hook up your TV with a soundbar, follow these measures-

Before starting the process, you must check if all the essential equipment is there. It’s a headache if you begin the task and then search for all the necessary pieces to work.

Purchase a Bluetooth receiver for Roku TV.

Now, follow the steps-

  • Purchase a Bluetooth receiver that has an RCA output option.
  • Plug the receiver to the ‘in’ and ‘out’ ports. Don’t forget to ensure the port has power access.
  • On the other hand, you can buy a battery-operated/rechargeable Bluetooth receiver.
  • Now, turn on the soundbar and Tv to pair them.
  • After the stable glowing LED light from the soundbar appears, you’ll know the soundbar will work as an output option for the TV.
  • In case the TV doesn’t recognize the soundbar, you’ve to change the ‘setting’ option.
  • Go to the ‘settings’ option and ensure your device is identified under ‘Control other devices.’

2. Connect with Shared Wi-Fi

The Roku TV pairs with a Wi-Fi connection pretty quickly. How to connect your Roku TV with shared Wi-Fi, follow these mentioned steps

  • Decide which network your TV will pair with.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option and find out ‘Network/Connectivity.’
  • Turn on the soundbar power and follow the instruction from it.
  • Now, the devices are paired with the network.
  • You’ve to enable the soundbar to pair with Roku TV.
  • For this, return to the ‘Settings’ option and find the ‘Control other devices.’
  • Add soundbar to pair with the TV.
  • Then, you need to return to the setting option to keep the soundbar as your preferred option to adjust the audio. The ‘System Audio Control’ will choose TV speakers over the soundbar unless you do this.

3. HDMI Cable

Try using an HDMI cable if you’re tired of trying all the methods to connect your soundbar to the TV but not achieving the desired outcomes.

Connecting the HDMI will be a surefire to enjoy the streaming with the soundbar.

The necessary steps you’ve to follow are given below-

  • You need to purchase an HDMI cable first.
  • If the soundbar doesn’t work, the only cause can be a wireless feature of the soundbar.
  • Find the input/output port and insert the cable accordingly.
  • Choose the soundbar option as your preference.
  • You’ll find the HDMI connection in ‘System Audio Control.’

These are the steps if you want to know how to connect any soundbar to a Roku TV. Now, let’s know how to connect the Insignia soundbar to Roku TV.


Roku TV and the Insignia soundbar – both are gaining popularity among users. To enjoy HD quality streaming with an excellent quality soundbar like Insignia is a dream for many.

And those who already have purchased both of them might need some help from us regarding how to connect the Insignia soundbar to a Roku TV.

Just follow the steps mentioned in this guide. Comment below if you’ve any questions. Our experts are on their toes to help you out.

Enjoy the quality of streaming!

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