How To Increase Volume Of Speakers Without Amplifier?

Are you not satisfied with the volume of your car speaker? If you like loud music, then you need to have an amplifier to increase the volume. But what if you don’t have an amp? How to increase volume of speakers without amplifier in the car efficiently?

The common reasons you may hear lower volume are damaged speakers, damaged and incorrect connectors, and background noise. Thankfully there are some effective ways and devices to increase volume with an amp.

However, remember that the following ways and devices won’t improve the existing bass level of your car’s speaker.

In the following discussion, we’ll briefly discuss the possible ways of improving the volume and music quality. So let’s get started!

How To Increase Volume Of Speakers Without Amplifier?

Before you think about other ways to increase your speaker volume without an amplifier, if your existing amplifier has any existing issues, consider fixing them.

For example, fix a water-damaged amplifier, damaged internal parts, or any other issues that prevent the amplifier from functioning properly.

Alright, here are some ways of increasing the volume of the speaker without an amplifier:

how to make car speakers louder without amp

1. Modify Your Vehicle’s Speaker

If your car’s speaker isn’t making loud music, you should first inspect your speaker before looking for other methods. Sometimes, there can be some electrical problems in the old speaker for which you can’t hear loud music.

However, you can skip this part of your concern is to hear loud sounds in the front row of the car. It’s because modifying the speaker includes fixing and replacing that may need some extra cash.

Anyway, here is some essential components that you should inspect first:

  • Inspect the coil: When the coil of the speaker has failed, it’ll reduce the vibration produced by the cone, which will lead you to loss of power. Consider replacing the damaged coil.
  • Inspect the magnet: The vibration on the cone is actually coming from the forces of the magnetic field’s electric impulses. If the magnet is worn out and old, it won’t create any strong electric impulse, which means weak vibration.
  • Inspect the cone: The cone of the speaker can be worn out or eaten by insects. A bad speaker cone can’t produce power vibration; as a consequence, low speaker volume.

If these three components need change, make sure you re-tune the audio system. However, it would be better if you take the speaker to professionals; otherwise, if you aren’t skilled enough, you may end up ruining the audio system.

2. Right Connectors & Cable Connector

If you’re having frequent interruptions while listening to your favorite music in the car, the possible cause behind it can be the wrong cable and connectors. Consider looking for cables and connectors that are compatible with your car’s audio system.

However, the worn-out cable can also be the reason. Over time cables get worn out, and you should consider replacing cables and connectors after a certain period of time. After changing the cables, you should hear a complete bass if the cables were the issue.

3. Use Capacitors


A capacitor is a device that is used for storing electric charge. This device controls the wasted energy pretty efficiently while playing music. And therefore, you can hear full bass and quality music in cars.

Adding this component to your car will allow you to listen to loud music and protect your car’s music system at the same time.

4. Add Speaker Horns

Adding horns is the most effective way to improve your car speaker’s efficiency. This component is a kind of flared tube, and these horns need to be attached to the output of the speaker.

When you add horns, it releases the sound in the air, which reduces air impedance. By adding horns, you can gain power’s better efficiency, transfer, and output, which means better audio sound inside the car. Adding a Subwoofer can be an excellent alternative to horns.

5. Add Tweeters

Here comes another effective way of increasing the volume of the speaker. Tweeters create a maximum bass level with a medium sound frequency and make the peaks better and more amazing. This will create a higher and more comprehensive alloy effect.

6. Install Noise Dampening

You must have experienced the mixed sound of the engine, surround noise, and music together unless you have a luxurious car. And these background noises have a significant impact on how you hear your favorite music in the car.

Fortunately, there are many products available in the market that effectively reduce the outer noise coming inside your car. However, these products can be expensive, and installing those products by a professional may add some additional costs.

7. Other Gadgets & Add-Ons

There are hundreds of add-ons and gadgets available to increase the volume of speakers with the amplifier, such as equalizers, BlueTooth, signal processors, and wireless audio systems.

If you choose BlueTooth as the additional gadget, you need to charge a BlueTooth speaker. These add-ons and gadgets also allow you to control the sound level.


Frequently Asked Question

  • How to increase the speaker’s bass?

Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the bass of your car speaker. Generally, the bigger the sound speaker will be, the deeper and better bass your speaker will produce.

  • How to improve speaker quality?

Generally, speakers sound best when the sound frequency level is aligned to your ear. So if you want to improve sound and bass quality, place them accurately and accordingly.

  • Does a big speaker mean better sound?

Yes, the bigger the speaker is, the better the bass and louder music it produces. Therefore, big speakers actually sound better than small ones.


So now you know how to increase the volume of speakers without an amplifier efficiently. The process of improving the sound quality may require you to buy some additional devices.

However, when you choose the devices, make sure you select one that’s compatible with your car.

We’re confident that the above-mentioned ways will help you increase the volume of your car speaker without an amp. However, when you improve the volume and still need louder music, you will need to have an amplifier.

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