How to Charge a Bluetooth Speaker Without a Charger

We often find ourselves replacing different gadgets with Bluetooth-equipped technology as it’s wireless and easy to carry Such an example is the Bluetooth speaker. They’re an excellent device to blast your parties with some music.

A Bluetooth speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery and must be recharged from time to time to listen to music without a break. But the real problem is when you’re in a situation where you might not have a charger.

What will you do then? Luckily you can recharge your Bluetooth speaker without a charger. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger in various ways. To find out, read on.

How to Charge a Bluetooth Speaker Without a Charger

It can be difficult to find ways other than the charger to recharge your Bluetooth speaker. But, there are ways to recharge your speaker with little to no effort. Some of the ways of charging your Bluetooth without a charger are-

1. Charge Your Bluetooth Speaker by a Phone

You can quickly charge your Bluetooth speaker through a cable. All you have to do is connect the phone with a USB cable to the speaker USB port.

However, unfortunately, phones always have a limited amount of charge. It can provide a charge for only a short time.
In short, it all depends on how much charge your phone has and how much battery power your speaker needs.

First, you must ensure that the speakers work with your phone and that your phone is compatible. If not compatible, your smartphone’s port and speakers may be damaged.

If they’re compatible, you’re good to go and charge up your Bluetooth speakers with the phone’s help.

2. Charge Your Bluetooth Speaker on a Laptop

Laptops can charge speakers the same way as phones by using a USB cable.

You have to find the appropriate port and check if the Bluetooth speaker is charging. To confirm whether the Bluetooth speaker is charging, you must find the proper wire.

Laptops are less likely to run out of battery quickly. So, you can charge for a longer time than the phone. In addition, most people feel comfortable charging their speakers with the laptop.

3. Charge with a Power Bank

One of the most effective approaches for recharging your Bluetooth speaker is to use a power bank. A power bank is small, convenient, and easy to carry.

Power banks are batteries that store energy, which can be used at any time as required. You can charge almost any gadget with a power bank, such as headphones, AirPods, mp3 players, and the BlueTooth speaker.

It’s super easy to use, just like the smartphone using a USB connection to connect the power bank to your speaker.

4. Charge with a Solar Charger

Using a solar charger is similar to using a power bank to charge your Bluetooth speaker.

On the other hand, by using a USB cable, you can connect the solar charger with a Bluetooth speaker and recharge it pretty quickly.
A solar charger works exactly the same as a power bank. Apart from that, it gets recharged by the sun using solar panels.

Some solar chargers don’t have storage capacity. Instead, it provides direct power, which is not the best option.

5. Charge Using a Mobile Charger

You can also charge the speaker through the phone charger. This will give you the advantage of not having to carry multiple chargers simultaneously.

However, you must understand how to use a mobile charger to charge a wireless speaker. Otherwise, the charging port on the speaker may become spoiled.

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is connect the charger with the Bluetooth speaker and see if it’s charging.

6. Use a Car Charger

You may charge your Bluetooth speaker by using the car battery as well. If your car has a standard micro USB port, you may charge it without any problem.

Car batteries are relatively weak and take longer to charge your speaker. However, if there are no other options, this can be worth using.

7. Create a Wireless Charger

You can make your own wireless charger to charge your Bluetooth speaker if you’re interested in technology.

It might be tricky, but you can create the charger if you’re skilled and confident enough. It would be best to have a soldering tool, jack solder, nine Volt charger, and a speaker with additional space in its coil. After getting all the tools, you’ll have to follow the required steps.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, if you find it difficult, it would be wise not to try.

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How Can I Increase the Battery Life of My Bluetooth Speaker?

How Can I Increase the Battery Life of My Bluetooth Speaker

You can easily expand your speaker’s battery life. For this, you should switch off the speaker when you’re not using it. It restricts wireless connection between the devices while preserving battery life. Some of the things you can do are-

Turn on airplane mode: Always keep your airplane mode turned on. In airplane mode, all types the wireless communication systems are turned off. In this way, you’ll be able to save battery because you won’t get any notifications like emails or text messages.

Keep the Bluetooth speaker cool: High heat is hazardous and can quickly ruin battery life. The speaker should be stored in any dark and cool place. Leaving the speaker in the sun can damage the battery.

Never Overcharge Bluetooth Speaker: If the battery is fully charged, you should never plug it in. One of the best ways to save your battery power is to keep the volume low.


  • How can I Charge the speaker with an AUX cable?

Regrettably, an AUX wire cannot be used to charge a Bluetooth speaker. The AUX wire only provides audio, not power to the speaker.

  • How can I reset my Bluetooth speaker?

First, you’ll have to disconnect all the devices that might be connected to the speaker. After that, keep pushing the power buttons of the Bluetooth for at least 3 seconds. This will take you to the factory settings and you can manually reset your speaker successfully.

  • Why isn’t my Bluetooth speaker charging?

If you see your Bluetooth speaker isn’t charging anymore, it’s likely facing hardware issues or software bugs. In cases like these, if you have a warranty, you should use it.


If you ever misplace or lost your Bluetooth speaker charger, you can still recharge the speaker with its charger.

To help you out in knowing the better ways, we’ve mentioned everything you need to know about how to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger. Now you can listen to your favorite tunes while charging your speakers.

However, don’t forget that most of the solutions are only temporary. The alternative method you are using can cause severe damage to the battery. If you ask us about the best way to charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger, we suggest using a power bank.


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